Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A long blog update!

Sorry again for the long break in between updates.We have had a lot going on since the last time.Some good and some I would rather have avoided:P.I decided I had a little bit of free time to update you on us and give some pictures of our last Seaworld visit this month.
Ethan is in preschool in case someone didn't know and loving it and making new little friends.He has brought home so many craft projects since August that I am going to need a bin to put them all in.He is getting so tall too he is up to my waist already too.Its amazing!

He is torn here at the Dolphin show between actually watching the show or watch the little redhead a few rows down;)
Welcome to Blue Horizons the Dolphin show at Seaworld
Dolphins are such Beautiful and Smart ceatures!
Jump Shot,Awesome!
He loves the underwater veiwing area for the Dolphins too its so cool and blue!

Good Smile here!
I do believe the Stingrays were his favorite too.He gets to play with the water and pet something that feels strange and they spalsh back too which you know he loves.
One Stingray was nibbling his fingers here!

Telling Daddy about what all hes seeing,too cute!
Went to the Clydesdale Showing area.They are some big Horses and Beautiful!

The underwater tank for the Stingrays unter the Manta Coaster which by the way was awesome!
We of course had to stop for a Ice Cream break and Chocolate was the winning flavor of course!
This was the end result to his day,he had fun and he wiped himself out.He walked over half of the day too.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Beaus Birthday at SeaWorld

Its been a while I know since I have been in to do the blog but its been a busy summer and things are finally starting to settle down a little bit.Beaus parents and Kate came down for the long holiday weekend too have a family weekend and it was a early birthday weekend for Beau too.This was Ethan first trip to Sea World and he had fun for the most part when he wasn't overtired and screaming for being overtired:P.
Ethan just started preschool almost a month too part time so I now have a few mornings too myself and that I'm still getting used too.He is having fun and his teacher said hes doing great except for him not wanting my to leave for a few minutes everytime the past week I have dropped him off.He has grown so much this summer and his word expansion is awesome now.He knows the body parts,his letters,his numbers,we are connecting multiple word sentences now.

Beau is showing him the Stingrays which were pretty cool to feel.

Cool huh?Felt like Velvet almost.

He kinda had mixed reactions about the Sting Rays after touching one!

They have a underwater viewing area for the Dolphins below and it was soo beautiful.
Ethan saying Cool looking at the Dolphins,it was a little blue under there;-)
Feeding time at the Manatee Spring!
"Blue Horizons"The Dolphin Show its always neat to watch!
A dancing Dolphin!If I had the room I would have one if I could:D
I love Dolphins these animals are so smart!
We stopped for lunch and got Lunch and a show.They brought out some fun animals on stage while we ate.You can't see very well but she is holding a baby Bearcat!
Silly Aunt Kate always trying the bounce me around.I'm soon going to be to big to do so!

Eating a snack and waiting for the Shamu show to start!
Yea!Shamu splashed the people below us:P
I got a clear picture out of this I am proud of myself:D
Shamu is waiting for his handout he did what he was supposed too;-)
Beau tried to get a picture of the the newest coaster Manta cause Ethan loved to watch the coasters and Kate and I so wanted to ride it but it broke down right before we got on(bummer).Next time we will ride it;-)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Party time!

So Ethan turned 2 last week and its amazing how fast these 2 years have gone by.I love now that I can sit down and have a conversation eye to eye with him and I can understand what he is saying for the most part.
Ethan had a small party last weekend with a few of his little buddies and grandparents nothing really overdone since we spent all day at Disney the day before.

We see that this has wheels so we are immediately interested.
He was very picky about who touched his truck the rest of the day too.

Although sometimes Tissue Paper is just as fun as presents:P

Whats next mommy?
Ethan is playing with his bat while Eli found the Tissue Paper and continued where Ethan left off.

Got any more presents mommy?

Just fun facts about Ethan:
I can not count off how many words hes saying
He has to watch Imagination Movers every morning and will say Movers Please.
Hes working on his 3 year Molars(and thats it on baby teeth).
His full sentences usually include "want" or "now".
He knows all of his Letters and Numbers which the doctor said they don't expect till 3 or 4.
Most of his Colors are down.
He starts Preschool in August part time.
He is a daredevil too is newest thing is walking off the bed(our bed) and laughing about it.
Hes a meat eater will eat any meat,bread or fruit,although veggies are still a challange at times.
He was measured at the doctors this week at be between 6 '2' and 6 '6'(I will really feel safe with my big boys to protect me later on).
He is starting to show signs of potty training too(YEA!).Its when hes ready not me!
We will try to start putting him in his toddler bed starting next month too.
He is the most gentle 2 year old to our pets too and they are not afraid to curl up in his lap.
He has so many stuffed animals in his bed its insane.
Every morning starts with "Hey Daddy or Hey Mama"
Every night Beau and Ethan have their rough house time(and the rougher the better)boys are so much fun.
He loves to help me around the house and even in the kitchen where he can(esp. the laundry and dishes).
He will read to us in his own Words.

Family Day at Animal Kingdom!

I thought it would be cool to take him to Disney for his birthday last week too.We went to Animal Kingdom and all of us had a blast.He behaved very well for a 2 year old that had a 20 minute nap all day too.His Favorites were the Nemo Musical which I would have love to get picture or a video of but they don't allow it while the musical is going.He also loved the Safari Ride too where you get to ride in a open Safari truck and get a little closer to the animals.We will take him back to Animal Kingdom.That one was a winner.

Staring very seriously at those really strange looking birds.

I think he did that to his own hair.It did get a little on the humid side and he is rather hot natured.I think it looks kinda cool though.

Happy boy having a fun time.
I just loved the Meerkats were so cute and funny looking with their big pot-bellies:P

On the Safari ride we go.

Close up of the Giraffes

Onto the Rhinos!

Smiling so big cause he got one of his grandpas to buy him a stuffed Chip and Dale.I am not saying who though;)

He actually really liked the Characters too.I thought he would plain refuse to get near them but hey thats fine too.
The Ape from Tarzan who name escapes me.

Goofy was better to stare at then really then any thing else.

Mickey however got a lot more attention.

On a train riding over to the petting zoo:D
Which he loved too by the way.This child loves animals.

We are talking to the sheep and playing in the dirt at the same time.

My dad is still trying to figure where his energy is coming from.Hes 2!

Back onto the train and talking to the camera which he never gets tired of it seems.